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tv   The Situation Room  CNN  September 28, 2012 1:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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we're down to just 39 days until the presidential election. in about 20 minutes the president begins a series of fundraers right here in washington. those are the only public events on his calendar today. yet this is the same day the president didn't have time for a face-to-face meeting with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who's in new york. instead they spoke by phone. here's cnn's white house correspondent dan lothian. dan. >> reporter: wolf, the white house always stresses that the president and prime minister netanyahu are in touch frequently. they downplay any daylight between the two leaders. but they didn't meet face-to-face this week. and so one phone call is getting a lot of attention.
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president obama and prime minister netanyahu attended the united nations general assembly in new york, but at different times. the white house insisted it was a scheduling issue, not a snub. no meetings, no handshakes. but today a follow-up phone call that a senior administration official told cnn lasted more than 20 minutes. in a statement released by the white house, the conversation included "a range of security issues," the president reaffirmed his commitment to israel security. and the two leaders were in full agreement on preventing iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. prime minister netanyahu has been pressuring the u.s. to lay down a so-called red line on iran that would prompt military action. at the u.n. he used a prop to drive home his point. >> a red line should be drawn right here. before iran completes the second
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stage of nuclear enrichment necessary to make a bomb. >> reporter: while some have accused the prime minister of pressuring the president to help gop nominee mitt romney, mr. netanyahu has said his actions are not tied to the u.s. political calendar. the white house downplays any friction between the two leaders and brushes aside criticism that there was no face-to-face meeting. >> the president has met with and spent time on the phone with prime minister netanyahu more than with any leader since he took office. and that is reflective of the importance of and the closeness of the relationship between the united states and israel. >> reporter: the white house would not say if the two leaders talked about the so-called red line, which of course is a key issue. and no specifics on how they will stop iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. but they did agree to "continue their regular consultations on this issue." wolf. >> dan lothian reporting from the white house. thank you. mitt romney also spoke by phone today with the prime minister.
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the call came while romney was at the philadelphia airport after making several campaign stops in pennsylvania. that's a state most political experts don't think he'll win. but as cnn's national political correspondent jim acosta's reporting, romney seems to have some other ideas. jim's joining us right now. what's he saying? what's going on in pennsylvania, jim? >> reporter: wolf, you're right. mitt romney did predict he's going to win the state of pennsylvania come november. but even though his campaign has mainly been a focus on fixing the nation's economy, mitt romney in recent days has been stepping up his attacks on the president on the issue of national security. and specifically lately on who's a better friend of israel. and there are signs the obama campaign is paying attention. at a military academy in pennsylvania, mitt romney tried to make the case for a new commander in chief. romney once again questioned the president's recent description of events in the middle east as bumps in the road. >> i sure as heck don't consider
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iran becoming nuclear a bump in the road. we need someone who recognizes the seriousness of what's ahead and is willing to lead. >> reporter: romney's tough talk on iran follows israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's drawing attention at the united nations to the nuclear worries. >> a red line should be drawn right here. >> reporter: just days after the president declined to meet with netanyahu in new york, the two leaders spoke over the phone. but then hours later romney, who enjoys a muchier reonith netanyahu got his own call chatting with the israeli leader while sitting on a tarmac in philadelphia. it was a reminder of the power of the jewish-american vote in places like florida where vice president joe biden defted obama ease relationship with israel. >> i'm not going to talk about israel today. but i want to say one thing. i just want to tell you how proud i am, how proud i am to
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stand shoulder-to-shoulder with a guy who has done more for israel's physical security than any president of the eight i've served with. >> reporter: switching gears to court the state's senior citizens, biden said romney's plan to lower taxes would force the nation's elderly to pick up the tab. >> their plan they have for social security, the one they have now, would raise taxes on your social security. >> reporter: romney, who has accused the president of misleading the public on the subject of taxes repeated his pledge on the issue. >> i will not raise taxes on middle income americans. >> reporter: less than one week from his debate withhe president, romney is trying to expand the election map boldly predicting twice during his visit to pennsylvia that he can win here. >> you know, i've got l secret here. and that is that obama campaign thinks pennsylvania's in their pocket. they don't need to worry about it. and you're right and they're wrong. we're going to win pennsylvania. we're going to take the white
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house. >> reporter: it could be a questionable move. not only does romney have ground to make up in swing states like ohio and florida, the latest cnn poll of polls in pennsylvania shows romney trailing the president by ten points. republicans have tried but failed to win pennsylvania in recent presidential elections. just ask john mccain who made his own last-ditch effort. >> there's just one day left until we take america in a new direction. we need to win in pennsylvania tomorrow. with your help we will win. >> reporter: now, it's unclear what kind of resources romney would put into pennsylvania when asked whether the campaign would buy any ads here, romney aide said that is for the romney campaign to know and for the obama campaign to worry about. but getting back to that phone call, wolf, between romney and prime minister netanyahu, mitt romney just briefed reporters on his campaign plane just about half an hour ago about that conversation. he said netanyahu did talk about that red line on where he would try to draw a line on iran's
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nuclear weapons program. and romney said he offered his own comments on the issue but wouldn't go into any greater detail than that. and also it's also interesting to note, wolf, romney was asked on the plane about any current assessments on how the president and how the white house is handling the diplomatic attacks in libya, the investigation into those diplomatic attacks, and romney said it would be premature to offer any new assessments on the issue. that's a stark contrast from the statement he put out a few weeks ago with that comment, wolf. >> yeah. it's better to be cautious and let others do the talking for him on the sensitive issues. they're doing a lot of talking. much more on this later on. jim, standby cht i want to go to the president right now. he's at a fundraiser at a hotel here in washington. i want to hear what he's saying briefly. >> we're creating thousands of jobs across the country as a result. and today the united states of america is less dependent on foreign oil than any time in nearly two decades.
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so the choice is, do we build on this progress? or do we go with a plan that ulrse it? like my opponent's proposing. i do not believe in letting oil companies write this country's energy plan. i don't believe in endangering our coastlines or having them continue to collect another $4 billion in corporate welfare from our taxpayers. so we've got a better plan that keeps investing in wind and solar and clean coal technology and allows farmers and scientists to harness new biofuels to power cars and trucks. and developing a 100-year supply of natural gas. we do all that, we can cut our oil imports in half by 2020. it's good for the environment. it's good for the economy. it's good for our national security. that's what i mean when i say we need to go forward. todo.s what we're going to ne we need to give every american
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the chance to compete by making sure we've got the best education system in the world. that's the reason i'm standing here today. that's the gateway od the gatew th middle class. and because of the work we've already done, millions of young people are better able to afford college already. and now we've got to do mor by hiring 100,000 new math and science teachers. by making sure that we're providing millions of new slots for folks to retrain at community colleges for the jobs that exist right now. continue to lower tuition costs for students so they're not loaded up with debt once they graduate. my opponent thinks that it makes sense for us to gut our investment in education in order to give a tax break to the wealthy. i disagree. i think what the united states of america means is that no child should be deprived of a
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good education. it means that no family should have to set aside a college acceptance letter just because they don't have the money. and no employer should have to look for workers with the right skills in china instead of the united states of america. i want us to focus on education. that's what we've been doing. that's what we're going to keep on doing in a second term when i'm president of the united states. >> all right. so you get a flavor of what the president's saying at a fundraiser. he's doing a few of these fundraisers here in washington today starting just a few moments ago. let's talk about what's going on. specifically pennsylvania right now. it's a handful of those so-called swing states expected to decide the presidential election. but is it really a swing state? is it closer than it looks as mitt romney is suggesting predicting today as you just heard in jim acosta's report that he will win pennsylvania? our senior political analyst,
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ron brownstein is here with us in "the situation room." he's the editor of "the national journal." is pennsylvania realistically possible for mitt romney? the polls show right now a ten-point gap between these two men. >> it will be a very different race if pennsylvania is really in play. the fact it's not in play though is kind of instructive. right now president obama seems safely ahead in all of the polling. pennsylvania is actually the kind of state that mitt romney's promise a year ago he was going to be able to put into play the same way john mccain's promise was supposedly that. the reason why pennsylvania has become so solid democratic they've won in each of the past five elections is largely because theuburbs outsi philadelphia, white collar, affluent, right of center economically, left of center social issues have moved decisively towards the democrats. originally mitt romney was seen as a candidate who could appeal to those voters. but he's not making ma inroads there. as a result pennsylvania seems out of reach in an reastic scenario. >> he was doing so fund raising there. that may be the major reason while he's there although the aides ar being a bit coy
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pretending they think it's realistic to get the democrats that a sthere. wouldn't be first time. >> we'll see if they put any television montimeey or i that. >> let's see if they t up ere with some money. you've been taking a closer look at the so-called sun belt versus the rust belt swing states. what are you seeing? >> both of us star covering politics, presidential elections are almost decided in the rust belt, the behemoths of midwest, michigan, iowa, wisconsin, even pennsylvania, those states are still important. there's now a second group of swing states that are also emerging on the map. these are stes in the sun belt, florida, virginia, north carolina, the southeast, corado, new mexico in the southwest that had generally been relelpublican being moved toward the democrats bya combination of more diversity, more minorities and more upscale whites. what's fascining, wolf, is that when this election began it looked like president obama was better positioned in those sun belt swing states because they more reflect his national coalition, but in fact today he's doing better in those rust
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belt swing states which are more of a headache for romney because the president is simply running better among the bluer older whites who are very prevalent in those states, he's running better in the midwest among theoters than he is anywhere else. >> is that in part because of the car industry? the ao itrye helped bailout gm and chrysler? >> clearly that's part. one, in other parts of the country are evangelical christians very strongly republican les a factor in the midst, but certainly th auto bailout is important. and just the message. at is t case thahey have tried to make tt mitt romney is not someone who gets your life, not someone who kind of understands what you're going through has probably has the most effect. and you really see it in the movement in the psamon blue collar women in places like iowa, wisconsin and ohio now moving to a point where obama is winning half or more of them. much better than his overall nationalbe amo those same democrats. >> so less than 40 days, what should each candidate be emphasizing right now so solidi theirosition? >> you know, i think romney's
1:14 pm
challenge is the same that it has been. it's not so much convincing a majority of the couny that barack obama has not been a success in his first term. there are certainly a large number of voters who either are disappointed or at best ambivalent about the results o his first term. what romney ht been able to do is convince him he would be a better alternative. in fact president obama's lead seems to me still to reside in a significant pool of voters, a slice of voters or 6% of the electorate notatisfied with his first term but sticking with him because they don't believe romneys a better alternative understands their life. i think that is the overwhelming challenge for mitt romney in this debate. much more making the case than president obama. >> ron brownstein, thanks very much. >> thank you. next monday, the first monday in october, we're getting an important reminder. one of the least talked about issues of the campaign could turn out to be the most important. everyone has goals.
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believe it or not next monday is the first monday in october. and that means the start of the new term for the united states supreme court and a docket full of important and very controversial cases. and just like on health care reform, the chief justice, john roberts, could be the wildcard. cnn's crime and justice correspondent joe johns is here in "the situation room" taking a closer look at what we can expect. it's going to be an important series of cases. >> a very important series of cases. and, wolf, at the beginning of the new session the supreme court is going to be watched very closely for signs of strain between the justices or anything else that suggests things may ave changed since the health care ruling which was arguably
1:19 pm
the biest opinion by the court since bush versu gore re than a decade ago. right after thethare cision in f justice john roberts ked to colleagues that he wou find an island ftress to escapehere' ginsburgescrib the evenul spring. >> the term has been more than usually taxing. some have called it the term of the century. >> reporter: now three months later the court is back and there are no signs of it cooling down. >> the justices are moving from the frying pan right into the fire. they are tackling some of the most difficult legal questions of the day. across the board probably the biggest term in at least a decade. >> reporter: cases involving the contentious issues of affirmative action, same sex marriage, voting rights and abortion are all likely to come up this term which kicks off monday. >> there's some very exciting cases already on the docket. there's a lot more in the
1:20 pm
pipeline that may -- the court's going to be making a decision on soon. >> reporter: another set of big decisions will bring even more scrutiny on the chief justice. rumors surfaced that the health care ruling he authored caused a personal rift with conservative colleagues including justice scalia. he denied that to cnn's piers morgan. >> no, i didn't have a falling out. >> loud words exchanged? >> no. >> nothing like that? >> nothing like that. >> reporter: the other big question, will the chief justice take the court in an aggressive new direction? liberals fear a more hard line shift to the right. >> a lot of progressives are concerned that this might mean that chief justice roberts has built up some capitol, some good will, and now will push the conservative agenda. >> reporter: tom goldstein who has argued before the court thinks he'll do it gradually. >> he's not trying to move the law radically quickly.
1:21 pm
i think justice scalia or justice thomas really want to get to the end answer as quickly as possible and make the law conform to what they really understand. whereas the chief justice is more incrementalist. >> reporter: but conservative court watcher doesn't believe anything wl chan any time soon. >> certainly this is not a crusading conservative court. until we have a shift i think in the membership of the court, it's impossible to call it a court that leans more to the left or to the right. >> and, wolf, for those opinions that could be close five-to-four decisions close attention will also be paid to justice kennedy who is frequently the swing vote in some of the toughest cases. >> going to be some very important cases coming up. joe, thanks very, very much. let's dig a bit deeper right now with our senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin. his new book entitled "the oath" debuts this week atumber five on the "new york times" best seller list. congratulations, jeff. good work. excellent book. hope a lot of people buy the
1:22 pm
book, a lot more. but you're doing well already. let's talk about what's going on. what do you expect to see in the coming weeks and months as this new term gets ready? >> well, i think the affirmative action case out of the university of texas is really a huge case. it's in part a huge chase just for practical implications. may a university consider race in admitting students? this is an -- a question that the court answered in 2003 in justice o'connor's famous opinion out of the university of michigan law school. but the court is a different court. the replacement of justice o'connor by justice so le do has had a profound impact especially on civil rights cases. and i think it's entirely poible the court may limit or even overrule justice o'connor's opinion getting rid of racial preferences more and more. >> so this is a case involving a state university, aic university. so if they decide that
1:23 pm
affirmative action giving a preference to certain students based on race for example is unconstitutional, would it also automatically apply to private universities that get federal aid, for example? >> not automatically. but this is the way the court works is that they decide one case at a time. and they establish principles that are later applied or not applied. each case can be somewhat diffent. but if t say that a university which is a part of the state may not consider race, that race is simply impermissib impermissible, you can be sure that that message will filter out not just through universities but also to employers and to the government. it could be an enormous change. we'll only deal with public universities this term. >> let me read to you from your column you wrote on very provocative but important as well. with a little more than a month to go, it's not too late to ask
1:24 pm
the candidates to take a stand on their plans for the court. what does oba a former law professor, think about the court? by the same tenind of justices would romney appoint? who are hisu rol models? it's very importan to tak a look at who they would name. there could be one, maybe eve two vacancies over the next four years thatould impact a decision of the court for the xt or 40 years. >> you know, wolf, there are four justices in their 70s. ruth bader ginsburg is the oldest at 79. justice kennedy and scalia are 76. justice spryer 74. they have tended to co in bunches. president obama had two appointees. george w. bush had two appointees. bill clinton had two. but there could be a bunch in a hurry. justice ginsburg is the most likely to leave. and if president obama wins, that wouldn't change the balance of five republicans and four
1:25 pm
democrats. but if the five-to-four balance shifts, you could see dramatic dramatic changes in the court. it all depends on who >> do you simply assume president obama would name someone like sonja sot ma yor or clarence thomas for that matter? can you just assume those would be the possibilit probabilities if you will? >> that is precisely what i would assume. you know, there's a mythology about the court that presidents often areurprised by how their justices turn out. but you know, that is very much the exception rather than the rule. if you look at the justices currently on the court right now, every single one of them has turned out more or less as re there are individual cases, there are surprises. i certainly was surpred by roberts' vote in the affordable care act case. hatlarge presidents w you e is what you get.
1:26 pm
iden you wind up electing like minded supreme court justice. >> jefbin ishe author of "the oath" a "new york times" best er. not a huge surprise. excelnt book. >> thanks, wolf. many of you complained and apple is now listening. why the ceo admits to letting customers down and suggests you use s rival software instead. esc osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta cahelp. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one n-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. e]antipres can increasehese inhildre and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucom should not take cymbalta. t init wit nsa pain relievers,spirin, may increase bleeding risk. or with uncontrolled glaucom should not take cymbalta.
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and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. and get outstanding deals with the travelocity fall hotel sale. you can save up to 40% on select hotels. so book your hotel now and save up to 40%. hurry, offer ends soon. book now at travelocity. prisoners clash withuards at a dramatic jailbreak in northern q. lisalvester's monitoring that, some of the other top stories in "the situation room" right now. lisa, what happened? >> hi, wolf. lock down.nder they set off car bombs and overtook guards and stole their weapons. this is the aftermath of a riot at the prison in the attack last
1:30 pm
year. it lasted for severalrs. a joke by he onion" apparently fooled a news agency. the agency printed a fake poll saying would prefer ahmadinejad over president obama. iran's foreign news agency published it today days after it appeared in the onion, it has now been removed. apple issued a raree iing error service. ceo tim cook says in a statement "we strive to make world class products that deliver the best experience possible to our customers. with the launch of our new maps last week, we fell short on this commitment. we are extremely sorry for the frustration this has caused our customers. and we are doing everything we can to make it better." he's also suggesting using alternatives in the meantime, even google maps on the web. apple doesn't make many
1:31 pm
missteps, but that was a big one. a lot of people were complaining. >> that one should not have gotten through quality cont what there too busy rushing the product? they couldn't check their own maps? >> i don't know. it's a big one. when you talk about customer satisfaction, people want to go where they need to go and they rely on that map service. >> certainly do. thanks very much, lisa. in today's strategy session we're taking a closer look at administration's conflicting explanations about the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya could become a political problem for the president. with the spark cash card from capital one, sven's home security gets the most rewards
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the u.s.igce mmunity now officially publicays this onth's attack on the united states consulate in benghazi was a deliberate and organized terrorist assault carried out by extremists affiliated or sympathetic with al qaeda, a flat statement just issued. let's discuss the political fallout in our strategy session. joining us now, the democratic strategist and cnn political contributor donna brazile, along with david frum, contributing editor at "the daily beast" and "newsweek." david, a powerful statement just releasedectoof nation intelligence. it totally coradicts what the administration was saying in the days that immediately followed the kng of aassador stevens and the three other americans. what do you make of thi tally s colleague reportedhree days ago who was the first with this story. whatt makes is t american ambassador dead, the administration's first impulse
1:36 pm
was to find ways to cover itself and avo acknowledging the stake the ambassador had completely inaquate security in a dangerous place. and it did that by pitting on this youtu video of the make on his way to prison and charge un other offense ordero offset the blame for s own failure protect america's am boss dor. it's disturbing. really disturbing. >> the republicans, donna, not surprisingly tarally going ter the president right now on this specific issue. listen to eric fehrnstrom, senior advisor to mitt romney. >> well, i think president obama, bill, needs to be held accountable for his administration's attempts to mislead the american people what happened in benghazi. >> and they'rehat jay rney made athe white ho, that hillary clinton made at the state department, that the u ambassador susanic made o five sunday talk shows here i the united states. they're making this a big issue.
1:37 pm
does ve politic legs as they say? >> well, first of all, i wouldn't be surprised the romney administration -- i mean the romney team make hay out of anything. look, they're looking for an issue. and they're the last people that we should hear from on foreign policy given all of the missteps that mitt romney has made. but look, wolf, beyond the political nature of this whole inquiry, we need to look at the fact that al qaeda leaders posted a video a day before the attack on september 10th which mr. alvarez wa ri wanted to avhe of one of his deputin libya. he called upon libyans to, you know, try torounrest. so look i thin one of the things we should do right now is to let congress -- members of congress investigate this. they will investigate this. senator kerry along with senator
1:38 pm
has sent a letter to the administration answering very important questions that i think the american people will want to know. on the short end of this, i doubt very seriously that the administration will try to mislead the american people at a time when as we all know that this administration has been hunting down al qaeda leaders all throughout the middle east and northern africa as well. >> i don't know if you heard, david, mike huckaby suggests this could be worse than watergate. watergate he points out no one was killed. here four americans were killed. he's suggesting there was a cover-up. >> well, there was certainly a lot of rear end covering. that's for sure. that seems to be the administration's first imperative after the death of ambassador stevens. but hey i think this will have political power. the economy obviously issue one in this election. but national security is issue two. president oma was elected in great part because of his promise to change america's relationship with the rest of the world. he made a point of this. his very first tv interviewag
1:39 pm
being inaugurated with the network and traveled to cairo in june of 2009. didn't go to israel on that same trip as would seem logical. in order to send a message but how he was doing a reset of america's relationship with the im world. and he had an attitude of great confidence that he in his own person would somehow transform everything. that may have been one of the reasons that there was kind of some sloppiness of the situation in libya that the administration did not take serious enough. >> there's going to be full scale investigations as donna points out. the state department, congress, a lot of people will be investigating certainly thene media will continue to investigate as well. i want both of you to standby. we're going to continue this conversation. i'm also going to ask about some eye opening new comparisons of mitt romney's favorability ratings with former president george w. bush. all energy development comes with some risk,
1:40 pm
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1:43 pm
let's get back out to donna brazile and david frum. look at these bloomberg news national poll numbers. favorability ratings, george w. bush, former president, 46%. mitt romney 43%, joe biden 43% which raised the question in my mind, david, maybe you want to tackle it. we see a lot of bill clinton out there campaigning for president obama. george w. bush mia right now on the campaign trail. is it because he doesn't want to campaign for mitt romney or mitt romney doesn't want bush campaigning for him? >> well, i have to assume it's because the former president bush does not want to. because there are things he could very usefully do. he remains a controversial figure. a lot of americans blame him for
1:44 pm
the economic crisis. so it would be most likely unwise to have him on a big stage doing big rallies. but he could be a powerful fundraiser. one of the challenges that mitt romney has had is he's spending a lot of time still raising money in person. the very biggest donors want to see their candidate. but they would be justhappy or almost as happy with the former president as they would be with a possible future president. if george bush were doing those events, that would be a great load off mitt romney's shoulders. >> what do you think, donna, on this? you're a close observer. i want to point out, biden's favorability 42%, not 43%. there's the right number right there. why aren't we seeing george w. bush in a similar way we're seeing president clinton out there? >> because i'm sure he doesn't want to be a distraction in this campaign. but i have to tell you i was with karl rove the other day in wyoming. karl rove and many of his other key lieutenants are out there raising money for mitt romney, raising money for the republican
1:45 pm
party. ed gillespie's a senior advisor, and jeb bush is out there helping mitt romney. laura bush i believe helped the other day. so while president bush is not out there personally, his surrogates are, his wife, his brother. and of course many of his top lieutenants from his administration. >> david, there's a debate emerging now on whether paul ryan, the vice presidential nominee, has actually helped romney's effortso wi white house or wound up hurting romney's efforts to win the white house. where do you see it? >> well, i've been a big alarmist on the ryan question from the beginning. i thought it was a mistake to choose him. i thought it was a mistake even before choosing him to bolt this campaign to the ryan plan. the y campaign needs to be about jobs and growth. the decision to make this campaign about medicare and medicaid which is what you do when you adopt the ryan plan much less put ryan on the ticket is a big mistake. i think the campaign is really suffering for it. >> you think democrats down ballot as they say, senatorial
1:46 pm
candidates, congressional candidates, are happy, donna, that paul ryan is on the ticket with romney? >> absolutely. he gives definition to what the republicans actually stand for. i mean, basically they want to, you know, create another system for medicare. and as president obama and the vice president today spoke out also about social security. so democrats are along the ryan budget plan. by putting him on the ticket i think the republicans took a huge risk because they have to explain exactly what his budget would do to domestic program and future growth. and of course many people understand that the ryan plan it doesn't add up. the math is just not there. >> i looked, david, at the president's schedule today, president obama's schedule. he's here in washington, d.c. 45 h received a dabr with senior advisors at 10:15. 4:20, which now he's out there on themp trail. he's got an efbt at 4:20, 6:05, another campaign fund raising event, one at 8:25 tonight.
1:47 pm
but he had until 4:00 basically he was in the white house, as you know, benmin netanyahu's beenn new rkll day. i'm told if he'ot call to ce on down t washington at the white house, he wld have been on a plane to washgton. think out all this? >> it's zi only amazing that t president idn't choose to talk to benjamin netanyahu -- >> the did speak on the phone. >> but he didn't choose to be visible with him. the big part of why you do these kinds of meetings in person is to show the world you are consulting people. an i just tryto imagine back during the bush years when there was so much accusations that president bush was high handed ntily said i'm no goi e to mt anybody, what would people hav said? >> donna >> as youknow, wolf, i'm one that believes actions speak louder than words. since coming into office president obama has committed more than $1 billion to israel's security. this president has strong
1:48 pm
cooperation, strong -- has built a strong alliance with the state of israel. israel is very important. i have to believe that the white house made a strategic decision not to hold any meetings but to continue to speak out and stand firmly where we are now as it relates to iran. so that's where i'm putting a lot of my emphasis. not on who sat down who are had a one-on-one, who had coffee, who had tea. where do we stand on iran getting a nuclear weapon? the president has been firm that iran will not get a nuclear weapon. >> donna brazile, david frum, guys, thanks very much. a ride to school literally turned onto its side for dozens of middle school students. we'll tell you what happened when we come back. ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just to stay alive... but feel alive. the new c class is no exception.
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1:52 pm
dozens of children are hurt in a school bus accident in kentucky. lisa's back. she's monitoring that story and some of the other top stories in "the situation room" right now. what happened? >> hi there, wolf. well, the bus filled with middle school students collided with a mustang at this louisville intersection and rolled on its side. you can see it there. 50 people were taken to the hospital including three people in the mustang. none of the students was seriously hurt. that's the good news. officials say wet roads and speed may have played a factor. and bank of america has agreed to pay more than $2.4 billion to settle class action lawsuit over its acquisition of merrill lynch. investors sued in 2009 claiming the bank misled them over the financial health of both companies prior to the merger. bank oamerica denied the allegations but said it agreed to settle to avoid an expensive legal battle. and kids in new orleans have a new place to play thanks to rapper -- wolf blitzer favorite rapper, lil' wayne. he opened a new ecofriendly
1:53 pm
skate park in his hometown this week. it's in the lower ninth ward, one of the hardest hit areas during katrina. it was built using recycled material and runs on solar energy. we all know now, wolf blitzer, you are a fan of lil' wayne. >> that's right. for all the viewers who tuned in yesterday, you corrected me on that, wolf. >> once corrected brooke baldwin who kept calling rihanna riha a rihanna. >> it's good to know that one too. >> you're not the first cnn person i corrected on the air. >> from now i'm just going to call you lil' wolf. >> thanks, lil' lisa. a woman thought she stumbled on a rare find at a flea market. she bought this for $7, planned to sell it to the highest bidder. why the fbi is now saying not so fast.
1:54 pm
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[ male announcer ] w get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. a stunning development to a story that made big headlines. this painting sold for $7 at a west virginia flea market. it was supposed to be sold to the highest bidder tomorrow, but the auction's been canceled and now the fbi is in on the case. our brian todd explains. >> wolf, this is the sadie may room of the baltimore art. she was a well-known donor, a patron of the arts in baltimore. she lent a painting to this museum many decades ago. in 1951 that painting was stolen from this museum, the circumstances around that are not clear. but it made its way somehow from 1951 to a flea market in west virginia a couple of years ago where it was sold for $7 where
1:58 pm
it was actually bought at a flea market with just some other kind of trin kwets in a box. it is worth up to or possibly over $100,000. and we're here with the director of the baltimore museum of art. can you tell us how you think it made its way from being stolen here in 1951 to being sold in west virginia at a flea market. >> it's a bigamist ri. of course we may never know the course of the painting. we didn't have computers, we didn't have digital images. things were recorded by hand on index cards, things were mimeographed or carbon paper. very different from how we record information today. so we'll be very lucky, i think, to find out the whole story. >> well, good luck in trying to find that story. and thank you fo joining us. >> thank you. >> the museum is working with
1:59 pm
the fbi and others to try to piece together what happened to the painting, how it made that journe then they're going to have to determine custody of it, wolf. whether it belongs to the museum, the es sate of sadie mae or the woman who bought it at a flea market in west virginia. that woman wants to remain anonymous. that's being investigated right now. we're going to hopefully determine how a painting bought for $7 in west virginia now worth about $100,000 at least a renoir painting determining now who gets custody of that painting, wolf. >> brian todd, thank you. and you're in "the situation room." happening now, first on cnn, a startling new intelligence timeline on the attack that killed the united states ambassador and three other amicans in libya. also, what we're just finding out about fbi agents trying to get access to the crime scene. and a rare move for president obama during this week's controversial refereeckout. ahead, why it may have earned him new points out there on the
2:00 pm
political scoreboard. and the world's top diplot anked. the uited nations secretary general receives some unwanted advances in aza p call. we want to welcome our viewers in the unitestates and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." but first, this just coming into "the situation room," a story you'll see first only here on cnn. the u.s. intelligence community coming out with a new timeline of events that led to the death of ambassador chris stevens and three other americans in libya. and word of a possible split between the u.s. intelligence agencies and the white house over who knew what and when. let's get straight to cnn intelligence correspondent suzanne kelly and cnn national security contribur, former bush homeland security advisor who' joining us, fran townse she's a member of the cia's external ay committee. last mth she visited libya
2:01 pm
th her employer suzanne, first to.u what w are learning? what are you hearing from your sources about wh'soi in this investigation? wol it's really extraordinary. this is really the fst and fullest explanation we'v gn publicly anyway from the intelligence community about what it knew and when it knew it. i wanto read tou the u.s. intelligence community says based on new information they have collected that the attack aprrorist assault carried out by extremi affiliated or sympattic with alqaeda. now, that's from sean turner, who is t directorf communication r the offices of theector of nationa intelligence. it really kind of takes al the steaout of the back andrt we've heard about whether or not there was a protestead of this attack, whether it was ontaneous as we heard people from the adminisation say jst as recently as sunday on some of the sunday talk shows. and i think, wolf, what you're seeing really is the frustration of the intelligence community of having this investigation turned into something of a political toy really if you will a few weeks before the election. >> why did it take so long to
2:02 pm
come to this conclusion? which a lot of folks assumed was the case right from the beginning occurring on the anniversary of 9/11 and stuff like this doesn't necessarily happen spontaneously because it's got to be pretty well planned if people are coming in with heavy weapons. now they've concluded as you say a deliberate and organized terrorist assault. why did it take so long since 9/11 for this to happen? >> well, wolf, i think it's fair to say that there are a lot of people here in washington who would like to throw their opinion is s they get little tidbs iormation about something like this. they sort of comupe with their own ideas of what happened. but the intelligence community as fran will tell you can't work that way. th haveo take information they have, they can prove, they can verify, they know where they got it from, and put those pies together until the full picture comes out and that doesn't happen o the american timeline -- i understand that completely. but what i don't understand is to offials in the obama administtion were saying the exact opposite, that it was spontaneous, it just happened,
2:03 pm
it was a result of this 14-minute trailer. that's what i don't understand. i can understand you don't know what happened. you say we don't know, we're investigating, we'll get back to you. but they came out repeatedly with statements whether it was the u.s. ambassador to the united nations, the secretary of the e,en the prident of the united states,ertainly jay carney, they were saying something very, very different when they clearlyn't k what the invesgation was leading to. >> tt's right. and i think that what we saw and what you he from thew administration now is that, well, the people out there were giving caveats. they were saying based on this initial information. right now, wolf, it doesn't look like that's really all they had to go on. because the intelligence community and i think that's why you see the statement today is there's growing frustration about what they knew and people coming out speaking on behalf of the administration that maybe they knew something different. >> you want to weigh-in on this sfl. >> we knew, wolf, from a senior law enforcement official who spoke to me that said we knew within the first 24 hours was this is a terrorist attack. i think what you're seeing is law enforcement, intelligence, real frustration by the career
2:04 pm
professionals wlo say we're working this, we knew it was a terrorism investigation and that's how we proceeded on this. and they don't want to get caught up in the politics of a presidential election. >> because the argument that a lot of republicans and some others are making is that for political reasons the obama administration downplayed this notion of this being an act of terror, pre-planned, any association with al qaeda. they were just wanting to show it's not happening on the president's watch. and they couldn't be blamed for this, if you will, the shotty if you will security that was at that consulate in benghazi. >> wolf, it may take some weeks now to get to the bottom of that. and whether or not that was -- it was dick kated by politics the initial response. we see today senator john kerry, aemocrat the senate asking the right questions. these are questions that others memberenof thee and house are also sking. so ihi you ought to expect we will see extensive hearings and investigation on this>> now the week that f agents who have bnt tselibya to investigate, they still have not
2:05 pm
beenble to get to the scene of thisro actionn bengzi. they're basically holed hundreds of miles away in tripoli, the capital. you have new information? >> that's right, wolf. so you've got a handful -- u've got some fbi agents in tripoli waiting todeploo benghazi. yoveot dozs of other fbi agents in countries -- in third countries waiting visas to get into libya te to go to benghazi. i will tell you, wolf, talking to law enforcement officials as recently as this afternoon, it's been today's day 18 since the attack. and the point made to me, we may not evgoen now. what would be the point? what are we going to learn there? and how tragic is that? we've lost four americans including the united states ambassador, and the investigators who are responsible for drawing conclusions may never have gotten to the scene of this horrendous crime. >> so who messed up here based on what you're hearing? >> you know, wolf, i go back to my own experience in the white house. you often see interagency rivalrieand disagreements about did the security
2:06 pm
conditions permit? what's the timing? what's the security requirement to get them out there? but that's the role frankly of the white house homeland security advisor, john brennan. we've seen john brennan come out after the bin laden raid. frankly in response to the underwear bomber and all these other terrorist attacks, it's really odd. we've seen no -- we have not seen him present publicly at all or speak publicly at all. and he's really the pre's most senior substantive advisor on thertssof issues. frankly, i don't know what role he has ay but 's a fair question, why n't he talking publicly about it? and what is the rols tried to play to try to resolvesome of these disputes that have clearly hampered the intelligence comnity and law enforcement. >> lots of explaining is needed. guys, thanks very much for that new informa. meanwhe, another disturbing development unfolding right now this involvinghe rsening crisis in syria. on panetta revealing that u.s. d som its cmical s syria has weapons for security purposes.
2:07 pm
it's a red line that the president has warned the cuntry. les get straight to our pentagon correspondent barbara starr. she's got the latest. whwe know now, barbara? >> well, wolf, defense secretary panetta a little bit unexpectedly getting righ into the latest intelligenwhat he knows and what he doesn't know about syria's chemical apons. a top syrian opposition group claims itd these missiles in damascus and said they had been adapted torr chemical and ogil warheads. cnn cannot inpendentlyclaim. but no aewis from defenssecretary leon panetta. syria's chemical weapons have been on the move. and he's not sure what exactly has happened. >> there has been intelligence that there have been some moves that have taken place. where exactly that's taken place, we don't know. >> reporter: panetta insists
2:08 pm
that bashar al assad's forces still control the major chemical and biological sites, but there are security concerns. >> there has been some intelligence that with regards to some o these sites that there's been some movement in order to -- for the syrians to better secure what they -- the chemicals. >> reporter: rebels clearly are making a public play that they can get to the weapons. on this video a narrater points to satellite imagery of what he says is a chemical weapons warehouse in damascus and a tunnel that connects the warehouse to a military airport. the video cannot be independently confirmed. panetta knows rebels are on the hunt. he doesn't know if they have succeeded. >> i don't have any specific information about the opposition and whether or not they've obtained some of this or how much they've obtained.
2:09 pm
and just exactly what's taken place. >> reporter: president obama has said a tight lid must stay on the syrian arsenal. >> we have been very clear to the assad regime but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. that would change my calculus. >> reporter: concerns about the weapons, recent bombings of government buildings in damascus and stepped up fighting all underscoring the rebels are taking the fight to the regime's power centers. and any position, any ability of the rebels to get their hands on the chemical or biological weapons would certainly set off alarm bells if there is a complete breakdown of the syrian regime and lack of security. the worries even expand further into groups like hezbollah or al qaeda getting their hands on this stuff. it's a growing worry, wolf. >> a red line in syria as well.
2:10 pm
all right. thanks very much, barbara, for that. syria by the way is also center stage at the united nations today with the secretary of state hillary clinton announced millions of dollars in additionalfu for the syrian opposition. cnn's foreign affairs correspondent jill dougherty is in new york watching this part of the story. jill, what happened? >> reporter: wolf, secretary of state hillary clinton had a sober assessment, conditions in syria she said continue to deteriorate. and attempts to move forward at the united nations have been blocked repeatedly. but she said they have to move forward. in new york for the u.n. general assembly, key nations of the friends of syria group strike that jazzed once again on how to give more help to the syrian opposition. secretary of state hillary clinton announcing another $15 million bringing the total to almost $45 million for what she called the unarmed opposition. >> that translates into more
2:11 pm
than 1,100 sets of communication equipment including satellite linked computers, telephones and cameras as well as training for more than 1,000 acti students and independent journalists. >> thell us that thereis a common heartbeat to humanity. >> reporr: the obama administration stilltn insists it just a matter of time before the regime of srian president bashar al assad falls. but asenior state deparent official concedes none of this is happening as quickly as we wod like. when and if sad goes, officials say it's crucial the opposion be ready to take over. [ gunfire ] representatives of revolutionary councils attended the meeting. their names kept secret because many must return to their war torn country. others from so-called local councils being set up to run municipal affairs in liberated areas need help getting as welzed l commating with each other 'm aouncing an addiona
2:12 pm
$30 milliono help get food, water, blankets and critical medical sers toeople suffering under the relentls assaults. >> reporter: u.s. humanitarian assistance now totals more than $130 million. so far 350,000 refugees have fled to neighboring countries. as many as 1.5 million people are displaced within syria. the friends of syria meeting also discussed how to increase pressure on the assad regime including financial sanctions. but the most senior officials so far to defect from the regime tells cnn's christiane amanpour, he draws a line outside military action to bring down assad. >> i don't think there should be any foreign intervention in syria. we feel when it comes to the super powers, there's no
2:13 pm
political will. >> reporter: secretary clinton came down hard on iran calling it syria's most important lifeline and noting that iranian revolutionary guards personnel are operating inside syria the is no longer any doubt she says that tehran will do whatever it takes to protect its proxy in damascus. wolf. >> jill dougherty, thank you. over in afghanistan a cnn we're going to take you inside the mind of a man in jail right now for planning to become a suicide bomber. also, separating fact from fiction when it comes to obama care. our own dr. sanjay gupta goes in depth.
2:14 pm
i'm barack obama and i approve this message. romney: "it's time to stand up to the cheaters" vo: tough on china? not mitt romney. when a flood of chinese tires threatened a thousand american jobs... it was president obama who stood up to china and protected american workers. mitt romney attacked obama's decision... said standing up to china was "bad for the nation and our workers." how can mitt romney take on the cheaters... when he's taking their side?
2:15 pm
2:16 pm
next wednesday we'll see the first debate between president obama and his republican challenger mitt romney. health care's on the short list of hot button issues. devil often in the details. our chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta goes in depth with a closer look at what's at
2:17 pm
stake. >> reporter: since president obama's health care law was enacted, 3 million people under the age of 26 are now covered by their parents' plans. and preventive care is covered by insurance companies. seniors in particular center benefitted under prescription drugs. >> seniors who fall in the coverage gap known as the donut hole will start getting some help. they'll receive $250 to help pay for prescriptions. in the donut . >> reporter: 5.5 million seniors saved a total of $4.5 billion e as enacted. he also ans slow spending on medicare. >> i he've added years to the lf medicare. we did it by gting ridof taxpayers subsidies to insuranc companies that weren't making people healthier. >> reporter: by 2014 the law requires everyone to have health insurance whether they purchase it themselves or through their
2:18 pm
employer. and insurers can't deny you if you have a pre-existing condition or increase your rates. the law has become a cornerstone of the obama campaign. >> i refuse to eliminate health insurance for millions of americans who are poor and elderly or disabled all so those with the most can pay less. >> reporter: but romney says the affordable care act is unaffordable. >> we know that health care's too expensive. obama care doesn't make it less expensive. >> reporter: he wants obama care gone. including the prescription drug benefit for seniors. but he does want to keep one of the most popular pieces of obama care, although he doesn't say exactly how his plan will work. >> we have to make sure people who have pre-existing conditions are able to get insure and had that folks that get sick don't get dropped by their insurance company. >> reporter: romney and his running mate, paul ryan, propose to cap malpractice insurance, cut medicaid by $810 billion over the next ten years, give
2:19 pm
states more control over their medicaid funds, overhaul medicare. the overhaul, people now younger than 55 when they reach retirement would have the option of getting a voucher to purchase private insurance or they could stick with traditional medicare. >> this financial support system is designed to guarantee that seniors can always afford medicare coverage no exceptions. >> there are a lot of differences, wolf, between the two plans. medicaid is probably something that's not discussed as much. but then there's about 60 million people out there very dependent on medicaid, one in five adults, one in three children. so they're paying a lot of attention to this, wolf. >> they certainly are. so let's talk a little bit about medicaid, what's going on as far as who qualifies under the new rules. how would the affordable care act, obama care as it's called, impact all of this? >> yeah. well, you know, keep in mind again medicare is for the elderly. medicaid often for people who are either poor or disabled.
2:20 pm
with obama care one of the ideas of ensuring more people was to expand medicaid. and the way they do that is they raise the level at which somebody can qualify. so you can qualify more easily for medicaid. now as you know, wolf, we talked about this quite a bit, the states have the option of whether or not they want to expand medicaid and take additional money from the federal government or not. and the federal government would put in money and the states would put in money. so not all xthe stesre opting into that. that's what the big changes are under obama care. an expansion of medicaid is sort of the plan, wolf. >> what are the romney and ryan plans for medicaid as far as they're concerned? hink the best way to characterize it is they want to treat medicaid more like block grants. so the federal government would give money and the states would really retain all the control of what exactly to do with that money. they also over time and as you know, wolf, sometimes the mh is hard to predict or project, but over ten years they want to take out about $800 billion out of that federal money that's going to the states. and that's part of how the
2:21 pm
romney/ryan plan is cutting costs, they say. >> so seniors who are recipients of medicaid, sanjay, how will they be impacted? >> you know, wolf, i see this as a physician quite a bit. you imagine the senior person over 65 who's also poor and now needs nursing home care or needs long-term care. not somebody who's been in a hospital for a long time, but somebody who now needs nursing home care. those are the people probably going to be the most impacted because a lot of people pay attention to this. but medicare doesn't cover a lot of that type of nursing home care or long-term care. so those people are what are known as dually eligible. eligible for medicare and get their nursing home care paid in part by medicaid. if medicaid goes down, shrinks or goes away in some of these places, those people will be affected the most in all this, wolf. >> sanjay, excellent explanation. a lot of our viewers watching right now very, very interested in what's going on on this front. i'm sure it will be a subject during these three presidential
2:22 pm
debates and one vice presidential debate as well. appreciate it very much. meanwhile, new documents released in the aurora theater massacre. we're now learning the accused shootder, james holmes, was barred from his college campus. that's not all. latest when we come back. but i had already gone through menopause. these symptoms may be nothing... but they could be early warning signs of a gynecologic cancer, such as cervical, ovarian, or uterine cancer. feeling bloated for no reason. that's what i remember. seeing my doctor probably saved my life. warning signs are not the same for everyone. if you think something's wrong... see your doctor. ask about gynecologic cancer. and get the inside knowledge.
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2:25 pm
new information unsealed today about a deadly shooting spree. lisa sylvester's back and monitoring that and other storying in "the situation room" right now. what did we learn? >> there are new documents that shed light into july's deadly colorado theater shting. james holmes was banned from the university campus after threatening someone weeks before the shooting. the defense denies those claims. these documents also confirm
2:26 pm
holmes sent a package containing a notebook to his psychiatrist. the contents of the book are now sealed. the rampage during a screening of "the dark knight rises" left 12 people dend 58 wounded. now faln chinese politician bo xi has been tripped of his duties. found bo responsible for severe mistakes including peddling, bribery and womanizing. he was once considered a rising political star. and 19 people were killed in the crash of a plane carrying them through a staging point for mt. everest expeditions. the flight crashed after striking anea no one survived that crash. and officials have recovered the flight data recorder. afp reports a french reports
2:27 pm
says investigators will tryo identify photographer and whether or not arime was committed. meanwhile, a royal spokesn hereill not be a complaint over nude photos prince harry partying in vegas. he says it would be a distraction for the prince who is deployed in afghanistan. so i know theuchess i mean, that's really disturbing for the royal family. hoy th'll have some answers on how those photos ev got out in the first place, wolf. >> yeah. let's hope the prince is okay in afghanistan. he's under military deployment there. thanks very much. up next, we're taking you inside the mind of a would-be suicide bomber. it's a story you're going to want to see. ♪...] >> announcer: with nothing but his computer, an identity thief is able to use your information to open a bank account in order to make your money his money. [whoosh, clang] you need lifelock, the only identity theft protection any that now monitors bank accounts for takeover fraud.
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liberty mutual insurance. what's your policy? in afghanistan right now, u.s. troops are fighting an uphill battle against a recent spate of insurgent attacks, man. cnn's ana cohen spoke exclusively to a suicide bomber. >> reporter: behind these high walls among the 7,000inmates are several men who say they're hell bent on being terrorists. we heo meet a confessed would-be suicide bomber, one of hundreds now locked up behind bars. this 25-year-old believes he was carrying out god's he andis friends planned an attack on american ie
2:32 pm
he says he agreed t wr a suicide vest and kill as many s possible. it's a special feeling that mes to you when you are ready for a suicide attack, he tel me. one can stopu. no one could stopme. that is exce the law. when police arrested h five montgo during the plans the atta heck now awaiting tr proudly a membfhe taliban, he says noone encouraged him to do this. look at our situation. eoreigners kill our people, th insul our religion burning the holy quran and maki cartoons of prophet muhammad. if we donot defe islam, then we are n islam. suicide bombing attacks are now daily ences afghanist afghanistan. and the method of the insurgents are constantly changing.
2:33 pm
the enemy don't use their old taow tics, ny use women, metimes children and ers. ey everessed u in miliry ums. thon'tface-to-face, taban denies usg children as suicide bombers, the story.tell ay differ authoritiey just a few days ago a 10 yerld boy managed to escape from insurgents who were going to make him wear a suicide vest so he could blow himself up in front of coalition troops. ruhallah has a 4-year-old son who he says he loves and misses very much. when i ask him how he'd feel if his child was used as a suicide bomber, he tells me -- if he wants to be a suicide bomber when he gets older, well, then, no one can stop him. if he follows islam and does it for islam, then that's a good thing. at times he speaks with hatred in his eyes. and then there are moments when he smiles explaining this is all a test from god.
2:34 pm
our real life starts after doomsday. so this is not our real life. this world is a paradise for pagans and a hell for muslims. we just need to be patient. the afghan intelligence service and armed forces say they have foiled dozens of attacks in recent months. and while that's an encouraging sign, ruhallah says there are thousands of others just like him ready to put on a suicide vest and die for their country and their religion. anna coren, cnn, kabul. all right. i want to bring in the chairman of the house committee republican congressman peter king joining us on the phone right now. in the aftermath of the latest investigation into what happened with the u.s. ambassador and three other americans were killed in that terror attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. mr. chairman, thanks very much for coming in.
2:35 pm
is it true you're calling on the unit state ambassador to the united nations susan rice, to resign because of the comments she made on those five sunday talk shows? >> yes, wolf. i believe that this was such a failure of foreign policy message and leadership, such a misstatement of facts at the time and for her to go on all of those shows and in effect the spokesman for the world and be misinforming the american people and our allies and countries around the world, to me somebody has to pay the price for this. we have too much things go wrong and everyone forgets about it the next day. i think we have to send a clear message. on such an issue where an american ambassador was killed where by all the evidence at the time the presumption had to be it was terrorism. i can see why if they wanted to say - it was
2:36 pm
intentionally or unintly and to show the significance of that, i believe she should gn, yes. >> because there is statemt that the pokesperson, the director of public affairs for the offif director of national intelligence put out today they et w obviously arist -- a action, delibete and organized terrorist assault carried out by extres affiliated or sympathetic with al qaeda, that's today's statement. but they also said this, and let me read it to you because it might explain why susan rice and other administration officials were saying what they were saying. this is from sean turner, director of public affairs. in the immediate aftermath there was information that led us to assess the attack began spontaneously following protests earlier that day at our embsy cairo. the statt goesonto s tha information was provided to the white house and ssh clear ung it was preliminary and could change. "wepr tha inial assesso members of
2:37 pm
co who use tt inrmatioto discuss th tack publicly and provide updates they becam avlable. throughout our investigation we continue to emphasize tha informatnhered was elimary and evolving." if you readsely whalo san rice was saying, sheasying that was based on the information she and the ministratiad the time when she was poo pooing this notion of anttack or thing along those lines. >> wolf, she was on five days after the fact. úand i would agree that there y not have been conclusive evence that it had to b terrorists, but fare evidence that it was terrorist than it was not terrorist. and if she come on and said it's obviously some terrorist involvement here, we're not certain of the extent of it, we're trying to find out. instead she was ruling it out. the fact is everyone came away from watching those shows the belief that the united states government was saying that this was not a terrorist attack.
2:38 pm
we saw jay carney saying days after that. but it was set by rice's appearance on those shows. to me she was clearly sending a message it was not terrorist. what she should have said was that there is considerable evidence this could be teorm. the fact that al qaeda is a stronghold in that area, the fact that al sharia has a hold on that area, direct and indirect fire coming in, heavy weapons involved, the presumption should have been leaning towards terrorism. she wanted to say we're not absolutely certain of the terrorist control, that would have been a true statement. but to come out so clearly and deny and say there was no terrorist involvement, this was not a terrorist attack, that was i believe irresponsible. anwhether she wa saying it on her own or she was told to say it or whatever, the fact is she was the vehicle by which this
2:39 pm
message translated to the world. >> remember this incident occurred on the 11th anniversary of 9/11 in benghazi. i looked it up. here's what she said on some of the shows. i'll read it to you. >> sure. >> she said our current best assessment based on the information we have at present is that in fact what this began as it was a spontaneousnot a premeditated response to what had transpired in cairo. she was paraphrasing, she was using that line in her comments. so here's the question to you, do you believe that this was just an inadvertent, she had bad information given to her by the u.s. intelligence community, or she deliberately sought to mislead the american people? >> wolf, i don't know. either way it was wrong. it was intentionally or done through ignorance. in either case i think we have to show that there is a price to be paid for such a gross misstatement of reality and of the facts.
2:40 pm
and, again, ambassador to the sition, she's trading a that message. everyone watching those shows that day came away with a ear impression that this was not a rrorisattack including jay carney for the next several days kept insisting it was not a t tack. >> iant to wrap it up by sa other administration officials were saying similar bassador susan rice was saying including white house press secretary jay carney, even maybe th pres of the united stesn e aftermath, but you're spervegly calling for her resignation. >> she w t whoent fr out front. she was the one who washere. d therefore she was going to e gloryf at. now she should pay the consequences. >> per king is theairm och the housemelandecurity committee. mr. chairman,hankery much for coming in. >> thank you. >> we'll take a quick break. candy crowley is here. she's the anchor of cnn's "state of the union." she interviewed susan rice on that sunday immediately after the 11th anniversary of 9/11.
2:41 pm
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2:44 pm
our chief political correspondent candy crowley, the anchor of cnn's "state of the union" here to follow-up on what we just heard f chairman of the house homeland security committee. he's calling on the united states ambassador to the united nations to resign beuse of what she said on your show anda informatioshe had at that time this was just reaction to that 14-minute anti-muslim trailer as opposed to an organized al qaeda-related terror attack. you interviewed her that day. >> it is true thathis was who the administration wanted to put
2:45 pm
out. the fact she appeared on so many shows tells her exactly how this rolls. they say here's who we're going to put out. it'sng tnt me that ty did noput t head of the national security council. it's interesting to me they didn't put out someone who was sort of in touch with the intelligence information. now, we're assuming that probably the u.n. -- our u.n. ambassador, the u.s. u.n. ambassador does have some access to u.s. intelligence information. but she was clearly going on what those departments told her because they put her out. she didn't voluntarily come on these shows. this is what the administration wanted to have out there. now, whether or not it's her fault certainly is sometimes in washington it doesn't matter whose fault it is, she was the public face of this response. the question i think too is what you asked. and peter king wouldn't play, but the idea is why would you be so adamant? when most people look and say, of course it's a terrorist attack.
2:46 pm
i mean, they had large weaponry, it's not something you bring to a protest. and now we're finding out there might not even have been a protest at the time this attack took place. so i think there are lots of questions to be answered here that the administration's going to have to talk about. and what went on in libya, wha we know out it, when we knew about it, allhat kind of thing. whether or not susan rice is the person that needs to be ired i can pretty much guarantee you e president won't do that. but whether or not she's responsible i think is a open question. >> they put out a statement earlier today, the office of the united states ambassadoro the united nations susan rice. this is from eri pelton, let me read it, during her appearance the sunday talk show september 16, 2012, ambassador rice's comments were prefaced at every turn with a clear statement that an fbi investigation was underway that would provide the definitive accounting of the events that took place in benghazi. at every turn ambassador rice provided and said she was
2:47 pm
providingthe bestnf and the best assessment that the administration had at the time based on what was provided ambassador rice and other u.s. intelligence community. >> it was caveated. >> she didn't deliberately go out to mislead then a people. this is what she was told by the u.s. intelligence community. and this is what she told the american people. in your interview and the interview with the others. >> it was caveated. here's the best information we have at the time. the fbi is looking at that. interesting i think i saw o your show that the fbi hasn't yet been let into libya. >> and may notot's so dangerous. >> i'm not sure atthey're looking at. nonetheless we assume there are the ground in libya some pce. why th had intelligence that led them toelieve itsn'ta terrorism is a totally different question. but that's probably more o an intelligenceommunity question than for the u.n. ambassador. >> candy, thanks. i knowou're going to follow-up this sunday. don't forget, watch "state of the union sunday morning 9:00
2:48 pm
a.m. eastern. caan exclusivew with john ccain, the ranking member of the senate armed forces committee. up next, how priden o might be ung sports to try to might be ung sports to try to help win playing sports is just my whole life looking back if it wasn't for shriners hospital, things would just be really different. i lost my leg when i was a kid. shriners turned my whole life around. send your love to the rescue. donate today. try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic.
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2:51 pm
getting reaction from the white house now from this charge of peter king, that susan rice, the united states ambassador to the united states should resign. i just spoke with the spokesman for the national security council and he says rice has done extraoinyrk at the the
2:52 pm
eric people. the president appreciates the work she d day a he is lookg forwards her contued rk. this is in eactiohat she mied peoe the sund after the kiin of the u.s ambaador inlibya. helsoakeshe point that inytng she said in that rview sd by integency group based on the had,certainly thing was designen people. clearly since those five terviews, u.s. intelligence has not concluded that was a deberate effort to kill the u.s. ambassador, and it was an affiliate or inspired by al qaeda, so a strong state for susan rice from the white house coming into cnn only opponents
2:53 pm
ago. other news we're following, this week's informal ref ctrover involving the botched call at the end of the mday night football game gave president obama and governoromney a chance to use sports psychology. >> it was the call thatd every talkingn tuesday. >> who has it? obaincluding president out of sight of cameras on the south law of wte house, told the press it w terribled i'vebeeng for months we hav to get our reves back. late wednesday night, the nfl and refs made a deal. so when mitt romney was asked about it it was strange when he said this "i hope they do." and mittomney was asked who is
2:54 pm
your driver? and he said there's atf drivers i like, thanks. rory davenport is am er tennis player. romney comes across as an owner and it's hard to connect with an owner. obama feels like a true sports fan. >> when david cameron came, president obama gave him a taste of the ncaa basketball. president obama isn't always on his ge, so to speak.
2:55 pm
in boston this summer, he jokingly thanked the fr tradg a beloved redsox player his team, the sox. >> i want to thankou for didn't think would g any boos o of here, but i guess i should not have brought up baseball,i erstd, my mistak remember thisser rant pitch in the nats game? not so good there, wolf. obviports be rickt but it's a very effective way for cte to connect to white males, that obvisly, but we have seen here at wh house, president oba, and this
2:56 pm
is no mistake, paid a lot atteion to how well thos female alere doing at the litics i he gabby douglas to congratulate her on her gold meta ande was very excited about the women's soccer also. 9 thank you keiler. congressman kings calling on susan rice to resign. more on this andther news at of the hour. [ woman ] it's 32 minutes to go time, and the candidate's speech is in pieces all over the district. the writer's desktop and the coordinator's phone are working on a joke with local color. the secure cloud just received a revised intro are working on a joke with local color. from the strategist's tablet. and while i make my way into thvenue,
2:57 pm
canthedate will be rehearsing off of his phone. [ candidate ] d thanks to ever i see out there. [ woman ] his phone is one of hisgest supporters. [emale anunce with cis. woin has never rked so we. romney: "it's time to stand up. to the cheaters" tough on china? not mitt romney. when a flood of inese res a tand american jobs. it was president obama who stood americanorkers. tt romney attacked obama's decision... said standing up to cha was "bad for the nation and our workers." omney take on thcheate... when he's taking their side?
2:58 pm
2:59 pm
happening now, mitt romney makes a bold prediction in pennsylvania. israel's prime minister talks by
3:00 pm
phone to both presidential candidates, and curiosity makes a potentially major find, signs of water on mars. i'm wolf blitzer and you're in "the situation room." there are two areas where mitt romney sees president obama as vulnerable, israel and iran. today, the nominee was hammering away at both of them. romney made a bold prediction, jim acosta is traveling with romney and joining us with the latest, jim? >> wolf, even though mitt romney's campaign has largely been a pitch to fix the nation's economy, he has been stepping up
3:01 pm
his attacks on the issue of national security and specificallyn who is a better friend of the state of israel. there are signs that the obama tention. is starting to pay at a military academy in pennsylvania, mitt romney tried to make the case for a new commander in chief. romney president's recent description of events in the middle east as bumps in the road. >> i certainly don't consider it a bump in the road, recognize the seriousness. >>t follows net ya hue's dramatic presentation about the nuclear worries. >> a red line should be drawn here. >> just da a the president declined to meet with him, the two leaders spoke on thephone,
3:02 pm
and then romney, who enjoys a relationship with netanyahu, got a phone call they are reminders of the juish american vote in places like florida. mr. biden defended presi a's lationip. >> we're not going to talk about isel toy, bi want talk about how proud am to stan shouldo shoulder wi a guy who has mo for israel's physical security than anyone enof the eit i have served with >> on his campaign plain, romney saide wourther tha the presidentndsolate ahdined o threatenned to wipe is of the map. >> think it's still an option open to us. >> less than one week from his
3:03 pm
debate,e is trying tovince people that he can win here. >> i have a secret, the obama campaign thinks that pennsylvania is in their pocket, and they don't even need to worry about it and you're right and they're wrong. we're going to win pennsylvania and take the white house. not only does romney have ground to make up in ohio and florida, the latest poll of polls shows romney trailing the president by ten points. republicans have tried but failed to win pennsylvania in recent elections. just ask made his own last ditch effort. >> one day left until we take america in a new direction. we need pennsylvan tomorrow. with you help, we will win. >> now, it's unclear what kind of resources the romney campaign is planning to spend on pennsylvania when asked if they would buy in ads in the state, a
3:04 pm
romney aid said that is for the romney campaign to know and t obama campaign to worry about. thank you, let's get more on at call between presidt ama and the isreali prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> reporter: they always emp fi -- say they're in touch weekly. >> they attended tat different times, no meetings, no handshakes, but today a fllow up phone call that an official said lasted more than 20 minutes. in a statement released by the
3:05 pm
white house, it covered a range of security issues, the president reaffirmed his commitment to israel security, and the two leaders were on full agreement in preventing iran from getting auclear weapon. they want to lay down a red line on iran thatdul lay down military action. >> a red lin[ shou be drawn right here. before -- before iran completes the second stage of nuclear enrichment. >> some have accused the prime minister of pressuring the president to help mitt romney, mr. nanyahu says it's not tied brush asideriticismhat r. there was no face to face
3:06 pm
meeting. l>> with and spent time on the phone with netanyahu more than any leadeehe took office. and that is reflectivef the importance of and the closeness of theelationship t united states and isra. >> t white house would not say if the two leaders talked about the so-called red line which of course is a key issue, and no specifics on how they will stop iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, but they will continue their conversations on the issue. >> lots happening today, a big day in the world of news. >> a lot going on today, especially in the intelligence world. the u.s. intelligence community changed their assessment on the atck on the u.s. embassy. they call it a deliberate and organized terrorist assault ieout by extremist, it was initially deemed a spontaneous
3:07 pm
incident. they point out that fbi agents assigned to the attack still haven't been able to get to the scene. >> it's day 18 since the attack, and we may not even go now. what would be the point? how traj sick that. we lost four americans including a united statesaassador, and the investigators responsible for drawing conclusions may never have gotten to the scene of this crime. >> we'll have more on the story this hour. we'll hear from peter king, chairman of the house homeland curity meeting caer for susan rce to resign over there. and als t u.s. has intelligence that syria moved chemal weapons at various they say the movements are . limited and that the u.s. and other countries are monitoring the situatn. >> we do believe that those
3:08 pm
sights still remaineced by the syrian military. has b intet there have been somemove that's have takenlace. where exactly that's taking ace, wdoknow. >> also in terms of syria, hillary clinton hosted a meetin daof the frien o syria group and she announced a new aid age. $15 million for unarmed opposition groups. nally, t vatican aring in on the debate of whether jesus was married. it was revealed by an ancient crap of papyrus. jes referred to his wife, and
3:09 pm
they call it a clumsy counterfeit. as kate just meioned, a stunning call for the united states ambassador to resign. we'll hear my interview with peter king coming up, and all of the reaction coming in.
3:10 pm
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3:12 pm
>>there's nelitical fall youth graduate ben zghazi attac. i skewith peter king, and i asked if it's true that he's calling for the resignation of susan rice because of comments
3:13 pm
she made television. >> yes, i think this was such a failure of impo rtcepolicy, and such a misation of facts, for her to g on all of t shows, and be our spokesman for the world andbe misinformin our people and our allies around the world mns sm somebody has to pay therice for i thk we have to sen clear message. and for an american ambassador who was killed, and all of the accumulation of the evidence, the presumption of the terrorism, i can see why if they wanted to say it's too early that it's definitively terrorism, at that time, it was a terrible mistake to make whether it was done intentionally or unintentionally. dece is a tax that the
3:14 pm
of national drjs put out saying it was a terror action, carried out by extremist sympathetic with al-qaeda, 'stoday's statement. they also said is. letme read it to u. nturner, in the immediate rom afrmath. there was information that led us t assess that the attack began spontaneously. the statement goes on toy that was provided to the white house and congress with the understanding that it could change. quote, we provided the assessment to members of congress who used that information to go through it publicly. and we continue to emphasize
3:15 pm
that the information gathers was evolving, and susan is saying that was based on the information that she was saying there is no notion of an al-qaeda attack. >> she was on five days after the fact, and i agree there may not have been conclusive intelligence that it was terrorists, but there was more evidence that it was than it was not. she's saying we're not certain of the extend of it, but she was ruling it out. and she may have played a little semantics, but everybody came out believing that the united states government was saying this was not a terrorist attack. so the whole predicate to that was said by susan rice and her appearance on those shows, and to me she was clearly sending
3:16 pm
the message that it is not terrorists. what she should have said was that there was considerable in that it could be terrorism, area. the fact that there was direct and indirect fire coming in, heavy weapons involved, th presumption shoulean toward terrorism. if she said we're not siof thef have been fine, but i believe what she did was irresponsible, and whether she was saying it on her own, or told to say it, whatever, she was the vehicle by which that message was translating to the people around the world. >> yes, as you say, it was five days later. i looked it up, and here what s
3:17 pm
what she said. she said our current best assessment, based on the information we have at present is in fact what this began as was a spontaneous, not a premeditated response to what happened in cairo. she was using that line in her comments. do you believe this was just inadvertent, she had bad information given to her from the u.s. intelligence community or she sought to mislead the american people. >> i don't know, but either way it was wrong. in either case we have to show there is a price to be paid for such a gross misstatement of reality and the facts. as ambassador to the u.n. and ambassador to the world, she is transmitting a message, and everyone watching those shows that day came away with the impression it was not a terrorist attack including jay
3:18 pm
carney who can't insisting it was not a terrorist attack. >> i want to say other administration officials were saying similar things of what susan rice was saying including the secretary of state and maybe even the president in the immediate after math of what happened. but you're specifical cli for her resignation? >> yes, if she went from show to show, she was the one out front, she was the one who was there, and she was going to get the glory, she should pay the c consequenc consequences. thank you for coming in. >> and we're getting reaction very quickly from the obama administration and the state department. first, the spokesman for the national security council at the white house called right after my interview with congressman king and he told me, quote, don extraordinary work at the united
3:19 pm
nations. the president appreciates all the work she does and looks forward to her continued work. everything she said was cleared by an interagency group based on the latest information that the united states had and nothing was designed to mislead the american people. >> it was almost an instantaneous reaction. we also have a statement from ambassador rice's office who put out a statement on the controversy this morning. as you just heard peter king speaking with wolf. it says, quote, current her appearances, her statements say there was a investigate under way for for what happened in ben zazy. she said she was providing the
3:20 pm
best information and best assessment in a the administration had at the time based on what was provided to ambassador rice a oth senior u.s.ficials. a lot of back and forth, clearly. >> it was clear that she was reflecting what she was told, she would not go out and deliberately lie tori she was told and they said they'r givi hen o ministrationfis best i theyha they thought it was spaneous. buwrong. >> it wasn't misspeaking. >> she knew what she was saying, and i assume that was based on the information that she received. this is a story that we'll continue now, we'll continue with erin david miller.
3:21 pm
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the nasa rover dubbed curiosity keeps coming up with disturbing finds. for more on this, chad meyers has been looking into it, how do they it's a river bed? >> the stones they're seeing are round. you don't get round sent tos unless they have been lling, like down a river. >> of course there is river on
3:25 pm
mars, house would they have made concrete? it's not, it's part of an old ancient river bed. here is mars, here is utah. as they were pushes down the river, they were pussed down and rounded. here is an ancient river bed that we're seeing in the desert. there has not been water here for many, many years. but that's what round stones look like. the water comes down, and the stones become round and they know that's what they're on right now. a lot more to go, haveot found any life yet, of course, but life could haveen a billion years ago. what might we find even if we find any for oflife. even if it was a billion years ago, not muchleft.
3:26 pm
>> bsoluty fascinating. water on mars. what will curiosity findnext? thank you, chad. >> not found the green guys yet. >> if it's bottled water, tha would be cool. >> just rered so far. >> all right, we have breaking news. a congressman calling for susan rice to re d we're going rice to re d we're going to talk about it. ♪ [ male announcer ] w do you engineer a ue automotive breakthrough? ♪ you give it bold new styling, unsurpassed luxury and nearly 1,000 improvements. introducing the redesigned 2013 glk. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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u.s. intelligence is calling the assault on benghazi libya a terrorist assault with those associated with al qaeda. that's a major revision from the initial assessment that deemed the attack spontaneous. >> and susan rice repeated that assessment on several talk shows. now peter king is accusing her of misleading the person people, and he wants her to step down. >> to rule out terrorism, to say it was not terrorism at that time, was, to me, a terrible mistake to make. whether it was done intentionally or not, i believe she should resign, yes. >> let's talk about that and more with aaron david miller,
3:31 pm
ado you agree with susan rice should resign ari? >> i say this as an alum nis, i didn't like it when people demanded heads to role in the bush administration. i would prefer for us to join together. sometimes i think the world laughs at us because we get struck, and who do we turn on? each other. i would rather go after the terrorists that did it first and then settle any domestic matters. she said something she should not have said. i don't know if she was just being loose. i think the obama administration has a mistire of under playing threats to the united states,
3:32 pm
for example the underwear bomber, but i'm uncomfortable with this talk of resign. >> are you uncomfortable because of the bad intelligence that was provided to bush administration officials about weapons of mass destruction in iraq that sets the stage for the war? there was plenty of calls for resignation as a result of that bad intelligence. >> i'm uncomfortable because i think when there's a terrorist attack, we should come together as americans. i didn't like when it was done to george bush, i don't like it when it's done to barack obama. intelligence is hard to follow, and you have to let some time pass. she was wrong, obviously, but did she have access to all of the information? we don't know the answers to though things, but i would rather not set my sights on her.
3:33 pm
>> you served six secretaries of state. what do you think aaron? >> i think ari is right, we try to find vehicles that are convenient fall, for what frankly was, and i think ar sierks being magnanimous here, at best, a muddled message. days after the attack on benghazi, the "new york times" was reporting as the organized protests, what is now considered an assault on the consulate, they were talking to members so it was clear that this was more than a spontaneous display of anger after a vile video. so i think the administration has to get it's messaging
3:34 pm
straight, and even during a political campaign, you have to be very careful when it comes to these matters that you be as straight and consistent as you can. susan rice should not resign. she's doing her job, and the reality is she's not out there on her own dime anyway. she's reflecting military policy and what they want to convey. >> ari, let me ask you, you worked in the bush white house, how should you handle putting out this kind of information. i'm sure you're criticized for being too far in front of your skis or for withholding information that the public should know about. >> the first 24 hours after an attack like that, you should not rush to conclusions. that first mountain of intelligence changes quickly. it's a scene no one can get their arms around yet and it takes time.
3:35 pm
i thought the administration for trying to down play it right from the start. the times square bomber they said had no connections and the underwear bomber as well but they did. they want to act and talk difference to they down play, but once something like this happens, what you really need to do is say we're gatoring the facts, it will take time, we don't rule anything in or out. here they seem to just want to rush to blame it on the video which i think had very little credibility. i think they made bad judgments and mistakes, said things they should not have said, it rises to congressional hearings level and a deep investigation level. >> we have more to discuss, we're going to ask aaron david miller about his column that he just wrote suggesting that benjamin netanyahu is going too far with his red line for iran.
3:36 pm
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3:39 pm
benjamin netanyahu provided one of the most dramatic moments on the u.n. assembly when he drew a red line on a cartoon bomb. but aaron david miller says by stressing red line that's can't or won't enforce netanyahu
3:40 pm
threatens to ir state a close ally and undermine their credibility. >> what do you explain by meaning that that red line drawn was such a bad idea? >> first of all, i don't want to trivialize their concerns. we should not give them the benefit of the doubts. the question is how to deal with it. red lines can be effective if you have three things. number one, a sense of urgency. i think all of the drama was diffused by the take away that israel will not act at the earliest to late spring or summer. red lines work if other people sign up to them.
3:41 pm
i didn't note a made rush to the exits yesterday for countries wanting to validate what he said. and red lines work if your key strategic partner, your key friend, in this case barack obama, is on the same page as you. and she clearly not there yet. what the israelis need to focus on, and it quoting a former dmi chief, less the zone of immunity and more the zone of trust. in the end, they don't to strike iran, they want us to do it. they know it would be far more effective. >> do you agree with that assessment of the red line ari? >> let me tell you a quick story that will lead up to the iraq
3:42 pm
war. president bush sat down and said if israel was struck by iran in the 2003 war and it was chemical weapons, what would israel do. he said to president bush, as the keeper of the juish people, and the person responsible for keeps us safe,ly defend israel and do whatever we need to do, we trust you and believe you, but i need to protect my people. america is much more powerful than eaisrael, but they don't kw if they will or won't come to their military aid. i think what netanyahu did was smartly ratchet up the pressure that will certainly become front page news stories all spring and summer next year and we'll see if the obama administration is reelected, what will they do. so the timing of it, he planted
3:43 pm
that seed. it will dominate everything next spring and summer. >> no one will forget that prop he brought for a long time to come as well. i want to listen to something that vice president biden said today and get your reaction to this. >> i just want to tell you how proud i am to stand shoulder to shoulder with a guy who has done more for israel's physical security than any president of the eight i have served with. >> so it continues george w. bush, do you agree with joe biden's assessment here? >> first of all, you should know i'm on the republican jewish association and we're running a campaign against obama. he has try today invaes them,
3:44 pm
but that's how military technology works, it gets better and smarter and the next picks up where the last left off enincrease it's. it would be a shock if someone ceased it or moved it back wards. but about having israel's back, that's a big question. having him condemn their policies in the way he did, having them say return to the 67 borders, having him flip-flop on if the capital is jerusalem. >> he did say return to the 67 lines with mutually agreed swaps which was the same position that the bush administration -- wait, and work for those presidents that we're talking about, go ahead, aaron and respond to that. >> substitutiinstitutionally, t thriving, but that's only part of the story. the fact is the that's not just
3:45 pm
an institutional relationship. it's driving by value affinity, and the understanding of a president what israel's fears and real considers are. i have to dell you, and i work for democrats and republicans, i voted for democrats and republicans, and i'm not associated with anybody else's campaign. the reality is this is the most dysfunctional relationship between an american president and an israeli prime minister that i have ever seen. barack obama does not have the same kind of emotional and instinctive instinctive affinity that bill clinton had or george bush had. the charge that he has thrown israel under the sbus utterly ri kick rouse. but obama thinks netanyahu is a
3:46 pm
con man without much respect for american interests and net anyau thinks the president is blo bloodless and doesn't understand what it's like to be a tiny power with a bad past. and this dysfunction on iran and the isreali peace process has to be addressed because it may well be these two guys will be here for the next few years. >> we'll have to leave it there, but we'll continue this conversation. ari and aaron, thanks, guys. up next, is the pentagon getting too cozy with hollywood? and some difficult ones. but, through it all, we've persevered, supporting some of the biggest ideas in modern history. so why should our anniversary matter to you? because for 200 years, we've been helping ideas move from ambition to achievement.
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3:50 pm
the pentagon is investigating the military's involvement about the raid that killed osama bin laden. >> there are concerns secrets are getting spilled. here's barbara starr. >> we're spending billions of dollars. we are still no closer to defeating our enemy. >> a new hollywood thriller about one of the most secret missions ever. the operation to kill osama bin laden. >> when was the last time you saw bin laden? >> the movie zero dark thirty is just the latest in real life action becoming big screen box office. also in production, a movie starring tom hanks about the rescue of captain richard phillips from smoly pirates. next up, the marcus latrel
3:51 pm
story, the only survivor of a 2005 afghanistan mission in which 19 navy and army commandos died. a movie based on this book "lone is survivor," is also likely to get military help. >> thank you, you're welcome. >> but is it all too much hollywood? former navy s.e.a.l. harry humphries was a consultant on black hawk down and other productions. he says some projects are telling too many national secrets. >> it's gotten out of hand. there's too much being discussed about a community that lives on the fact that it's a group of folks that thrive on a concept called silent pride. >> the debate erupted after the publication of "no easy day." seen here is the author, a navy s.e.a.l. on the bin laden raid. this museum many decades ago.
3:52 pm
admiral mcraven has been warning in 1951, that was stolen. about loose lips. >> are people affected by the the circumstances around that information that comes out? are not clear, but it made its way from 1951 to a flee market you bet they are. are lives at are risk? absolutely. >> ironically, mcraven's in west virginia where it was interest in joining the military sold for $7, where it was bought came after seeing this movie, green bareas, about the vietnam to some other kind of trinkets war. ♪ in a box for $7. it is worth up to or possibly for years, the military has over $100,000 and we're here loned hollywood ships, aircraft with dorean, the director of the and even active duty s.e.a.l.s as technical advisers, but in baltimore museum of art. how do you think it might have the movie "act of valor," real made its way from being stolen s.e.a.l.s were the actors. here in 1951 to being bought at the navy acknowledges the movie a flee market two years ago? didn't go through standard >> it's an amazing mystery and approval, but the bottom line we may never know the course of remained in tact. >> i think the principle the painting. 1951, 61 years ago. concern, and i think every we didn't have computers, digital images. things were recorded by hand. american can understand this, is index cards. the divulging of sensitive things were graphed or carbon
3:53 pm
information, tactics, paper. very different from how we techniques, procedures. >> but that new bin laden movie, record information today. so we'll be very lucky, i think, it's already a political hot to find out the whole story. >> good luck in trying to find potato after e-mails emerged that story and thank you for this. the museum is working with the showing moviemakers met with top administration officials after the raid. fbi and others to try and piece zero dark thirty is set for release after the presidential together what happened to the painting and now, they're going election, but it hasn't dimmed to have to determine cusdy of the criticism that hollywood and it, wolf. whether it belongs to the the military may be getting too museum, the estate or the woman cozy. barbara starr, cnn, the who bought the painting at the flee market in west virginia. that woman wants to remain pentagon. >> barbara, thank you. coming up, woman thought she anonymous. we're going to determine hopefully how a painting bought stumbled on a wind fall at a for $7 in west virginia and it's flee market. unfortunately, the fbi says not now worth about $100,000 at so fast. you can feel. least, renoir pointing, introducing the all-new cadillac xts. determining who gets custody. available with a patented safety alert seat. >> who gets custody is going to make some money. when there's danger you might not see, >> that would be nice. you're warned by a pulse in the seat. $7. i would love it. wasn't stolen. >> have a great weekend. it's technology you won't find erin burnett "outfront" starts in a mercedes e-class. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now.
3:54 pm
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3:57 pm
a -- sold for $7 at a flee market. is. >> brian todd explains. >> wolf, this is the sadie may room, a well-known donor, a patron of the arts in baltimore. she lent a painting by -- to
3:58 pm
3:59 pm